Why Buy a Condo?

If you’re thinking about buying a condo, one of the first questions you might ask is “What are condo advantages?” A condo is essentially a single unit within a community that has common facilities, such as a common area or swimming pool. One of the main benefits of purchasing a condo is that you have the amenities of home including: house payments, maintenance fees, and security. When considering condos, it’s important to consider not only the market value but also the amenities offered in the community.

A Condo is a Great Investment

Condos are a great investment because overtime they pay for themselves with lower real estate taxes, lower heating, and water bills, and less maintenance. In expensive markets, like downtown areas, condominiums tend to be quite a common option, since they’re usually cheaper than purchasing a single-family home. For one thing, the main advantage of condos is that they often feature common areas and amenities that single-family homes don’t. This includes amenities such as pools, dog parks, gyms, and more.

Common Area Amenities in a Condo

One of the most common amenities found in most condos are common areas or lobbies. These are often made with wood, stone, glass, or marble. Common places to entertain guests include: day care centers, restaurants, pubs, and bars, with amenities such as fireplaces, decks, and patios. Some areas even have common utilities, such as electricity, water, and sewer. If there’s an on-site gym, then that makes owning a condo even more valuable, because a condo owner won’t have to pay for expensive gym fees. And, of course, if you can get a good view of the city from your condo, then a condo might just be the perfect place to invest your money!

Landscaping Options in a Condo

Another common amenity in what are condo advantages is common landscaping options. These can include: fencing, shrubbery, trees, flowers, etc. Amenities can even extend to outdoor living areas such as pools, barbecue grills, picnic tables, spas, hot tubs, and more. For example, a condo might have an outdoor kitchen where people can spend time with friends, enjoy nature, and cook a wholesome meal. Or, a condo might have a common space for residents to socialize outside. It’s important to think of what you want out of your condo, and shop around for one that has all the amenities you’d like.

Monthly Fees Are Lower

The main thing that a condo owner is going to find is that their monthly condo fees will be much lower than they would be paying if they owned a house. It is also going to be easier to do things around the condo like enjoy your landscaping hobby with the help of your condo association staff, as well as enjoy everything that is available to you at your condo. If you are thinking about purchasing a condo, it is important that you look into what the condo board has to offer you. They will usually list out all of the amenities that they have available at the condos, as well as the common area amenities that you can enjoy at home. This information is usually listed in a public area that is viewable by everyone in the vicinity. There are usually times that the condo association holds special events that you can attend in order to get all of the information that you are interested in.


There are many different condo advantages to be found, and they are all different depending on the condominium. This is why researching all of the available information is very important. Whether you are looking to purchase a condominium or you are just interested in learning more about what is going on, researching all of the various advantages of condos near you is going to be your best bet.