When one thinks of amazing island living, images of the Galapagos, Fiji, or perhaps Bora Bora may come to mind. However, island living may be more convenient than you think. No need to travel half way around the globe to be laying in the sand, sipping Mai Tais on the beach. There are many islands to choose from right here in the old U.S. of A. And we’re not talking about Hawaii. Here are some other great choices for those yearning for that romanticized image of island living.

Tybee Island

Located on the eastern shores of Georgia, Tybee Island is one of Georgia’s premier Georgia Sea Shore vacation destinations. Ask local Savannah area realtors and they will tell you that if you are looking for a great time at the beach or a night on the town, then the Island has a lot to offer you. From sailing, swimming and boating to shopping, dining and other activities, there is something for everyone. The Island is known for the historic architecture of the buildings that line the island. The Island has many types of activities offered to tourists and locals alike.

Built in 1736, the original whaleboat settlement has been deteriorating for some time now, but it still stands. While the ruins of a few of the old houses are blocked off, the majority of the structure is in working order. The southern end of the wharf is where you can find some of the most interesting restaurants and bars in town. Here you will find restaurants, shops, gift shops, ice cream stores, movie theaters and other unique activities that make Southern Georgia Sea Shore vacation a unique experience.

While on Tybee Island you may want to consider staying at one of the hotels on the Georgia seaboard, such as the Sun Cafe. The Sun Cafe is located on the second floor of a beautiful building that is painted pink to resemble a tropical forest. You can find many of your favorite restaurants in the area including The Tybee Island Turkey Dinner, Sweet Tomatoes and much more. While on this trip you should also visit the Sugar Shack, a popular restaurant that features all kinds of sea foods and drinks, live music and the best desserts in town.

If you are looking for something a little less touristy, then you should visit the Wet Willies State Park. This park is about two miles long and has a beautiful beach that is twenty-five feet long. You will find a lot of beautiful natural scenery, including brushy mountains that rise up from the bayou. The waters here are full of walleye and other great fish. To get to the Wet Willies State Park, you will need to take the Hwy 80 east towards the Ellijay National Wildlife Refuge.

Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island, an island off the coast of Alabama, is well-known for its white sandy beaches. It is the second largest city in Mobile County in Alabama and is known for its wide array of restaurants, nightlife, and fishing. Dauphin Island boasts more than 90 miles of beaches that stretch from Mobile Bay to Gulf Shores. In fact, it is one of America’s premier beach cities and is popular for its amazing scenery and nightlife. In fact, the nightlife on Dauphin Island rivals other major cities with its multiple venues. There are several other interesting things to do on Dauphin Island as well.

Dauphin Island Sea Lab – Considered one of Dauphin’s premier attractions, the Sea Lab explores the effects of global warming on the sea and its surrounding environment. Visitors can enjoy an eco-tour featuring sea creatures, a glass boat tour, kayaking excursions, or participate in a hands-on workshop. The sea lab estuaries on Dauphin Island features a habitat for marine wildlife and a functioning aquarium. Other events include: an open air museum featuring antiques, a flea market, live music, nature walks and more.

The U.S. National Park – Travelers traveling to Dauphin Island seeks a glimpse of one of North America’s premier natural wonderlands: the Everglades. Located in southern Florida, the national park features extensive preserves and forests, including the renowned Brickell National Park. The park offers visitors an abundance of natural wildlife and an array of outdoor activities such as bird watching, hiking and swimming. Other events include: the annual Luminaries Day festival, the Echuca Marsh Walks, and a variety of workshops and nature programs.

Dauphin Island Aquarium & Botanical Gardens – One of Dauphin’s most visited attractions, the marine aquarium and Bienville Blvd is sure to be a hit among visitors. Visitors are welcome to take tours of the facility, which allows them to swim with fish, view different species of marine life, or just sit on the beach and watch the sun go down. Other events include: wine tasting, food tastings, educational discussions, nature walks and more. The aquarium and botanical gardens also offer several summer concerts. Other events include: the Sea Lab Summer Show, the Bienville Shrimp Festival, and the Pirate Fun Party.

The Little Red Schoolhouse – A few blocks from the beautiful Dauphin Island seascape, The Little Red Schoolhouse rests upon a historic blacktop mound. This schoolhouse sits upon the remains of a former school built in 1844. The schoolhouse has been restored to its original appearance and serves as a historical treasure for visitors to the island. Other events include: a pirate tour, a chocolate festival, and a food festival.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers Beach FL, a popular tourist destination, offers a wide variety of nightlife and dining options. Fort Myers Beach has quickly become one of Florida’s best kept secrets. The beach is nestled between two pine ridges, providing a natural barrier against Atlantic ocean breezes and inland hurricanes. The unique landscape of Fort Myers Beach creates a unique environment that combines tropical beaches, outdoor activities, historic architecture and modern nightlife. Definitely a great place to buy a home.

Fort Myers Beach has a beautiful southern hospitality with a warm welcome for families, singles and couples. There are a number of fun and exciting restaurants, bars and nightlife options for fun-loving vacationers to explore. Fort Myers Beach offers several fine dining restaurants that offer mouthwatering seafood dishes, flavorful international cuisine, authentic Cuban cigars and a variety of other tasty delicacies. Some of the restaurants that are located on Estero Island are Canoe Place, Bill’s Fish House and Tommy’s Tuna Grill, just to name a few of the many fine dining restaurants in Fort Myers Beach.

Fort Myers Beach has nightlife options that keep visitors entertained and occupied long into the night. There are numerous live music spots on Estero Island that feature top local, national and international recording artists as they perform on stage. Other live music attractions include the Fort Myers Beach Theater, which features a variety of live music acts and musical productions throughout the summer season. For more energetic activities, head to the Fort Myers Beach Park for a bike, jogging and swimming or to the beach bar for cool beverages and tasty food. Fort Myers Beach has an array of family-friendly activities to keep everyone happy and active all year round.

The Fort Myers Beach resort area features beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. Two of the most popular beaches are Beaches Drive and South Beach, which are both public and private. Other areas of interest on Estero Island include the historic district, which is full of antiques, world-class shops, galleries and unique restaurants. Other popular attractions include the Gulf Coast Science Center, the U.S. Air Force Museum, the Naples News Museum, the Naples Zoo and the Suwannee River.

While at Fort Myers Beach, you’ll want to check out some of the unique dining options that can be found in the area. Among the beach bars and restaurants are locations like Sapphire Lagoon, which features a laid back atmosphere while featuring some amazing seafood. Other places of interest include the WBT Colosseum, which features over two dozen restaurants and bars from around the globe. Fort Myers Beach is also home to the first George Fazio Gas station in the area, which is located in the WBT. Other popular restaurants include the Bill Wong’s Fish Burger and Tony Lama’s Indian Food restaurant.

Port Aransas

If you love being outdoors, then one of the best places to spend your time is in the town of Port Aransas, Texas. It is rich in natural resources and has a beautiful beach. There is amazing nightlife in this area as well and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and other fun and entertaining activities for everyone to enjoy. Here are some tips on things that you can do in Port Aransas.

First, if you love water sports, you will enjoy the Port Aransas area. Many people come here for a swim and enjoy doing water sports like kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, boating and fishing. The water is calm and soothing and there are many opportunities to do these things during the warmer months, which is why beach condos are so popular here. Kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast is a great way to enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf. Many kayakers come out of Mexico to come to this area and fish, sail or just relax in the warm Gulf waters.

Second is the nightlife. The nightlife here is unique because it revolves around the theme of being “just a boat ride away”. There are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining and great nightlife. You can enjoy the charm of the nightlife on Bay Street downtown, along the main drag in the Downtown Area and on the strip across from the Texas Bar. These restaurants and bars offer entertainment by local bands, live music, cabaret acts and karaoke.

Finally, if you are looking to enjoy some fun in the sun during the day, you should consider catching a few rays at one of the many beaches in Port Aransas, Texas. The beaches in this area are loaded with activities for every age and taste. Most of the beaches are family-friendly, but there are also some beaches popular with the younger crowd for those that like to party a bit more. Overall, if you are looking for nightlife in Port Aransas, Texas, you should consider the above-mentioned tips and see what catches your fancy.

As you can see, the variety of islands here is huge. Regardless of which island area you choose, island living in the Unites States can be an enjoyable experience for anyone. So pack your bags, choose your destination, and buy that plane ticket. And of course get yourself a great realtor.