6 Reasons To Purchase A Condominium In Southwest Florida


  1. Florida property values have been steadily increasing at an annual rate of 10-30%. Some people dream of paradise, Others own a piece of it. Naples has a land area of 2,025 square miles and is the largest sized county in Florida. Due to the fast growing population and the reduction in the availability of undeveloped land, property values are increasing at a rapid rate.
  2. The largest property value increases in Florida are prime waterfront properties and golf course properties. Luxurious waterfront condominium properties on the Gulf of Mexico provide a spectacular lifestyle due to the beautiful views, spectacular sunsets, gentle breezes, and ready access to beaches, boating and fishing. Naples has numerous golf course properties, some with condominiums that provide the avid golfer with immediate access to the course.
  3. Real estate investors can spread their risk by purchasing property in Florida. American investors who buy real estate can spread their risk by purchasing a condominium in Florida, knowing their rate of appreciation will be significantly higher than other parts of the country. In addition, many shrewd International investors realize they can buy real estate in Florida at a reduced cost to them due to their exchange rate
  4. Florida condominiums have a high rate of rental income. Both national and international tourists love to come and vacation in the greater Naples area. Tourism is a growing service industry which means the demand for condominium rentals is booming. Many condominiums provide a full-service staff for cleaning, laundry, linens and other valuable services. Due to the popularity of the greater Naples area, tourists and locals are renting condominiums at an increasing rate. Condominiums provide an excellent investment choice.
  5. You can use the condominium yourself for a vacation. Increasing numbers of people have purchased a condominium for their own vacation use and rent it out for income when they don´t need it.
  6. Tax incentives for investors save you money. The government has given real estate investors significant tax benefits. Real estate investments are tax deductibledepreciable and deferrable.