The 6 Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying New Construction


  1. Not Using a Realtor. You do not have to work alone when dealing with builders of New Construction! Contact a realtor before you begin your search. It costs you nothing and can potentially save you a fortune. It is very important to choose a realtor who has vast knowledge of the local new construction market and a wide array of local contacts in this field. As a buyer, it won´t cost you anymore to use a realtor’s professional services to help guide you through this complex process.
  2. Spending your valuable time. It’s a big time-saving benefit for you the buyer, to allow a realtor to save you valuable time in your search for a New Construction property. Choose a realtor who has the local expertise in New Construction and knows what areas are available in the price range and amenities to meet your personal needs. In addition, if you are looking for prime waterfront or golf community properties, it is important to choose a realtor who specializes in these types of properties.
  3. New Construction. Researching hundreds of New Construction developments in your area. It’s impossible for you the buyer to have detailed knowledge of all the hundreds of New Construction developments and what amenities each one offers. Choose a realtor who has already done the research for you. You realtor should know where the New Construction developments are that will be a match for your own personal needs.
  4. Buying Directly. Most people are unaware that the New Construction development property sales price will be the same (or lower) when a realtor assists you. The same price will be applied just as if you had purchased directly from the developer. Choose a realtor with a thorough understanding of every real estate transaction and who will professionally guide you carefully through each step in the process.
  5. Discounts or Incentives. Many people are unaware there might be discounts or incentives from a developer that are not made public knowledge. Choose a realtor with expertise in New Construction developments to insure you will be provided any additional discounts or incentives that may apply to the property.
  6. Long Term Investment. You deserve to receive the best information possible to help you make your most informed decision when purchasing New Construction property. Choose a realtor with the experience to assist you in making the best decision for you and your family.