Mistakes Made When Selling For Sale By Owner

Common Mistakes Made:

Some people fail to choose a professional realtor to market and sell their home. Instead, they believe if they sell their home For Sale By Owner they will save money. Failure to understand the following basic dynamics of marketing and selling your own home could cost you plenty:

Sellers often fail to set a realistic sale price. Sellers often don’t have access to Comparative Market Analysis Reports and therefore are unsure about what comparative homes in their area have sold for. This means For Sale By Owner homes are usually sold considerably under their market value. A simple mistake could result in selling your home $50,000+ under its market value.


  • The Commission Savings of For Sale By Owner. An example would be if you are listing your home $50,000 under market value and the real estate commission would have been $20,000, you have in effect lost $30,000 of your hard earned equity.
  • Effective Marketing. Your property costs advertising dollars and personal time. A professional realtor has the advertising resources and knows what methods to use to maximize the sale price of your home. Professional realters have a vast network of real estate agents they will market your home to. They have first-hand knowledge of the local area and market.
  •  Showing Your Home. If you list your home For Sale By Owner, YOU will be the one showing your home and taking phone calls around the clock. If you choose a professional realtor to market your home, they will be showing your home. They will be taking the phone calls, answering questions and providing documents as requested. A professional realtor has the experience to know how to successfully market your home to maximize your sales price.
  • The Real Estate Industry. A professional realtor is apprised of current market changes and is adequately equipped to keep up with changes in the market.

You Be The Real Winner:
Is it important to get the best price out of your homes equity? Wouldn’t you want to greatly increase your homes equity with just one phone call? Choosing a professional realtor is just as important as the decision to sell your home. Call upon a professional realtor with the experience and knowledge you deserve.