The "Real" in Real Estate


Purchasing a home has always been the American dream. A homeowner knows the benefits of homeownership can outweigh the negatives. Homeownership gives the family peace of mind. There are no surprise rent increases, no notices to vacate immediately, and yes, very often there are tax breaks!


The American Dream is one of owning your own home. There are so many wonderful programs which offer help, guidance, and incentives to purchase your first home. There are many programs offered at the state level and federal level to assist home buyers.  Also, check with local home builders to see if they have any incentive programs. Home builders are often more than eager to help one become a homeowner! Check with your local real estate developers and social service organizations. Another interesting point to note is that closing costs vary across the country. Make sure you find a reputable realtor; it will make for a valuable experience. Make sure you hire a company to inspect the property you are buying so that you know if there are any major issues with the home beforehand. Sometimes, it helps to know what problem areas exist. A prospective purchaser can negotiate the cost of repairing items, with respect to the purchase price. Alas, when you own your own home, no one can give you unexpected excessive rental increases. The landlord can tell a renter you must vacate; I need the property for a family member! This can provide you with some sense of stability! 


There are many facets and tidbits of information when it comes to selling a home. Be aware of the following topics: Be sure to check out the comparative approach when buying or selling a home. This gives you an idea of what homes similar to yours are selling for! You will see if the market is profitable to sellers at the time you choose to list your property. Also, you will be able to see if other sellers are offering buyer-assistance incentives or other options. It gives you an inside look at the market in your geographic area!


If you are one of many Americans who do not have much to leave to your children, a home is a legacy of its own. It is more than a financial gift, it is a blessing. It can mean having a roof over their heads. If your children take care of the property; it might indeed become more valuable. Always be informed on issues that can be connected with home ownership, such as tax increases, new adjustments that might be upcoming from the city council, or even new housing codes. Don’t be afraid to scout around for home insurance, too. Moreover, purchasing a home warranty can be a smart move. Things deteriorate or break over time. Some warranties cover plumbing, electrical problems, and even roof repair. Check them out! Furnaces or hot water heaters are not immortal! It pays to be informed.


When you buy real estate you are planning for the future. You will have income available to you in many ways! You can rent a property, and allow the mortgage to be paid off easily. Make sure you check on your tenants, and be mindful of their requests.

One can purchase a tax lien on a property which can generate interest, too.

A real estate investor can buy a home, renovate it, and flip it! Attend a class on foreclosure sales, as they can be a good way to accumulate property, as well. 

Lastly, whether you buy or sell a home, America has your vision. America has your back. If you suffer a hardship make an appointment at a social services agency for relief. Do not wait too long! A person can do well- with keeping up with the latest regulations, tax laws from city councils, news, and codes. Each state has certain housing codes, mortgage programs, and yes, sometimes mortgage assistance. Aren’t you glad you live in the United States? There are even social services agencies which prepare you for your mortgage, so there are no surprises. Remember these words: Home is where the heart is! Welcome Home America!